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Of South African origin, these small, trumpet shaped blooms are well suited for all kinds of bouquets, providing a sophisticated touch to your floral arrangements.


Available in over 12 different colors and a wide range of lengths.


Originally from Asia and northeastern Europe, this type of daisy ranges from dazzling whites to a wide selection of bright deep colors. If you are looking for low maintenance and high visibility for your flower arrangements, these are a perfect choice!


This flower gets its name from the Greek word “aster,” which translates “star”. Asters are one shaped and colorful flowers for every occasion, giving you a personal touch to all your arrangements.


Carnations offer a magnificent variety. Not just colors but also shapes, with a single or double layer of petals, and a single flower or several. It's petals also vary in shape (more jagged, with fringes, with rounded edges, etc.), making them the perfect flower to give dynamism to your flower arrangements of all seasons.

Our wide selection of colors will cover all your needs so that you will always innovate with your flower arrangements!


The most seductive of all flowers and a classic among lovers of ornamental plants. Roses have been used for centuries as a fundamental element of decoration, with multiple varieties to suit all needs.

We bring you the freshest roses from Colombia and Ecuador, with more than 100 color options. 


We have a variety of products depending on the season. Contact us to learn about the different options we have to offer you!



From the Greek words “hydor” meaning water and “angos” meaning vessel.  Hydrangeas (also called Hortensias) are known for their cup-shaped flowers. They are perfect for arrangements and bouquets, or even for your garden. 

Available in a variety of colors,they are the perfect complement to a unique and spectacular space.

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